6. Find your HAPPY

I love a bit of social media, I can loose an hour clicking into Instagram and Pinterest. I also love to research things.

In an attempt to not do Dr Google and cancer survival rates, I have gone full throttle into food (which I love) and understand what is best to eat to help me look after my immune system, as best I can, while on chemo.

I don’t actually need to do this. I don’t buy into diets or particular ways of eating, like paleo and clean eating. I think that everything is fine, in moderation, and to consume as much colour as you can through the day. So while I will immerse myself in many theories, ideas and recipes, their role will be to reassure me rather than make me change my behaviour. Although, saying that, I am thinking about how to eat more tumeric and ginger 😊

Consuming colour once again, is so exciting. I was on my beige buffet before Sid was removed, and even with my semi colon, and my chemo treatment, the amount of colour that is now back on my plate is making me smile. I am not getting tummy pain, cramps, the runs, bloating. I am eating, then feeling fine, amazing.

While some people will love a quinoa salad and have cold egg and spinach pots from Pret and follow deliciously Ella. I am always going to be a girl that looks at the pret egg pot and then buys the almond croissant with a capaccino. Pick pasta and pizza at pizza express and not the salad, and have a pudding even though I am really full. We are lucky to live in a place, where there is so much food variety and choice. As food is such an expression of who we are, and how we feel.

So today, what I need is a large heaped dessert spoon of Nutella straight from the biggest pot you can buy. It’s going to make me feel great.

Find your happy.


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