8. My unexpected theme tune to cancer 

In my last post I said that I want to shout ‘it’s ok, it’s not a death sentence’

What I should have said is that I want to shout; It’s ok, I am telling myself it is not a death sentence. 

This is because the fear of cancer comes from the uncertainty of it. No one knows who will and won’t get cancer. 

Then who, of those that do, will be the lucky ones that survive? 

Each person has their own cancer journey, meaning that there are no definite answers or outcomes. That means no real control, and that is scary. 

It’s a disease with odds, but you can’t choose the odds. You just find yourself in the race. Some fall as you stride ahead, then you fall back as others pass you. The end point keeps changing and the route is full of daunting jumps. 

You are gambling. Yes you can read the form and pick a strategy you hope will fit that form, but there is no certain outcome. 

This is why focusing on the positive is so important. Sometimes though, that is tough, and you need to help yourself, with this mental battle, by having happy triggers. 

For me, my happy trigger, has come from two very unlikely sources. The soundtracks, of the children movies, Trolls and Moana. 

Now, like every parent, going to the cinema is a time to have a good snooze. With the soundtrack, normally very quickly, starting to do my head in, after the 25th time it has been requested to be played at home. 

However, this time, I am loving turning up these soundtracks and dancing around our house and garden with the boys. 

For generations children have learned through song and rhyme. While in the past it was for disease and safety… ring a ring a roses and londons burning spring to mind. I think the songs used in today’s movies have important messages too. For us Gilmour’s this is the one we sing the loudest right now.. 

GET BACK UP AGAIN by Anna Kendrick

Looking up at a sunny sky, so shiny and blue, and there’s a butterfly, well, isn’t that a super fantastic sign. It’s gonna be a fantastic day, such marvelousness it’s gonna bring. Gotta pocket full of songs that I’m gonna sing, And I’m ready to take on anything.

Some super fun surprise around each corner. Just riding on a rainbow, I’m gonna be okay. Hey!

I’m not giving up today, There’s nothing getting in my way, And if you knock knock me over, I will get back up again.


If something goes a little wrong. Well you can go ahead and bring it on, ‘Cause if you knock knock me over, I will get back up again. 

It’s a lovely happy tune, that tells my boys, in a gentle way, that life is hard sometimes, but you will be ok, as long as you don’t use your energy feeling sorry for yourself. Instead put it all into getting back up again and getting the most out of life. 

Some other of our favourites .. go on, take 10mins to listen to the tunes, and enjoy ALL the emotions the music makes you feel xxx 

Shake your bum ones

Bare necessities, jungle book: 

Hakuma matata, lion king: 

Shiny, Moana

Happy, despicable me

Classics that remind me of my childhood

Let’s go fly a kite: 

Few of my favourite things: 

Some slightly slower, calm down ones

Pure imagination:     

Somewhere out there: 

And finally the one that I used to sing to mine when they were babies to get them to sleep….

Baby mine;     

I am sure you have your own list, don’t forget to play them, when you need them x 

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