12. It takes a village…….

I cuddled my eldest son, Sam, till he slept the other day. We did Eskimo kisses and snuggles, and slowly he went to sleep. His breathing deepened and his little arm, so tightly gripping mine, slowly softened. Then I cried.

Luckily, while he isn’t the best at going to sleep, once he is, nothing wakes him. So it is safe to cry. I didn’t mean too, but sadness can be sudden, overwhelming, and too strong to stop.

Pre cancer Anna, was not particularily sentimental. Cancer Anna is. Why has this happened? Time. The realisation that it goes fast, that your life journey, just increases in speed. You can’t slow it down, or hold onto a moment. The crying started because of feeling sentimental.

It’s ok though, I feel better for my cry. I actually feel really good. This is because while having my cry I started thinking about how many amazing women are in my life, and how amazing everyone has been, and how lucky I am.

There is a proverb that says ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ and I wholeheartedly believe in this saying. I am lucky that I have my family and friends, and I live in an area of strong community, where my children will get this experience.

The real strength in this proverb though, I believe, comes from women coming together. Women can be hard on each other, and each other’s worse critics. However they are also your strongest supporters. They come together and not let someone fall. Offer their help and time, and if you ask for help, they will be there, no questions asked.

I have always been independent, and am reluctant to even ask for help from my parents, so it is really hard for me to ask for help from friends. But WOW, how amazing are women, when we come together, we do great things.

My mum and sister protect me through my life, loving me, without question. My school/uni friends, grew up with me, see me less as we live further apart, but we are connected, no matter what. My girl friends from Australia, constantly in contact, checking in on me, sending me cards and gifts and wishing they were closer to give me a hug. My NCT friends ‘practically our family mummy’ Sam said the other day. School mums, the newest crowd, and the ones picking up most of the slack for me, as they are helping me manage school logistics. You have ALL BEEN AMAZING.

This cancer sucks. However the careing and loving nature of women, coming together to support me, wishing me on, wanting me to get better, has been uplifting and a massive help. Every message, every visit, every meal, every book, every voucher, every helping hand has meant so much. It helps me stay positive and happy. When women come together, its a powerful thing.

So thank you, to you all, you make a difference.

Girl power x


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