16. In sickness and in health

I met my husband 15 years ago this Christmas, quite randomly, in Brixton academy.

Today is our 8th wedding anniversary.

We have done so much together, and as it was a random hook up, we have met so many wonderful people through each other and also lived across the world from our native homes.  (Damian more than me, it has to be said, but no one I know loves London more than him!). Being together has given us more than each other, it has made both our lives richer. Lucky we met!

The vow, in sickness and in health, has been tested this year. He has been right by my side through this whole crappy cancer diagnosis.

  • He has washed me when I couldn’t wash myself. It made me sob my heart out that he had to do it. He held my hand while I cried and the shower washed over me and told me it was ok, although it so wasn’t.
  • He has slept by my side, not leaving me alone, while I was scared and vulnerable in the hospital.
  • He has held me while I cry, sob, am grumpy and afraid.
  • He has made me laugh when I needed it.
  • He has been both mummy and daddy when mummy has not been feeling very well.
  • He has not shown his heart was breaking too, even though I knew it was.

Quite frankly he has nailed it!

It is tough to be the carer, everyone worries about me, and he has to be the calm, happy, coping one. It’s tough. He has done amazingly x

Thank u Damian for loving me in sickness and in health. I really hope I get to grow old with you xx (although sam and Oliver would say we already are old 😂😂

From this ….

To this ❤️💙💙

One day we will get a family shot where we are all smiling, or looking normal at least 😂😂

…. so close with this one.. until Sam’s last minute glasses moment!!


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