27. Magical moments ❄️☃️❄️

I am sitting in my dining room, watching the snow fall. In fact this is my view right now. Although you can’t see the snow falling, it is, and it’s beautiful.

And now my family have joined me

It’s inspired me to write my blog today. This is because this was always written for the boys. The boys I have just got from school, as it closed early 🙌

As they play with the dog and their cousins in the snow, I am reminiscing why this blog started in the first place.

It was to show them that they can find joy in difficult times. I hope that it has done this, although they are not old enough to read it yet, so time will tell.

The biggest thing I have learned this year as a mummy with cancer is the magic of memories. I thank Cancer for this. On the way home from school, we giggled in the snow. We made skidding moves. We caught snowflakes on our tongues and generally just loved the moment of leaving school early due to lots and lots of SNOW! I realise now that making something magical of a moment, any moment, is so important. While many people may always have known this, I don’t think I fully appreciated it.

So boys when you where 7 and 4, on the day it officially turned from winter to spring, the whole of the UK froze. In true UK fashion, everything ground to a halt. Your school was amazing and was the only one open in Thames Ditton, but they did let you go home early.

For many, this time has meant some serious hardship. For the homeless, the aged the frail and the sick, it is tough and it’s at these times the vulnerable in our society are hit the hardest. Our emergency services work tirelessly and our hospitals are stretched to their limits, as are the staff.

However, for children it is magical. Snowmen, sledging, snow ball fights and school closures. Hot chocolate all round and families bedding in together. The boys may never have another snow like this in their childhood, or it could be the start of the norm. Who knows. What I do know is they will remember this moment from their childhood, for as long as they live. The week the UK froze, and they played and spent lots of times with their loved ones. It gave us all downtime with our families when it should have been just a normal week.

So what are we going to do? Probably the same as you. Watch a movie, roast some marshmallows, have lots of snuggles on the sofa, maybe a board game or two, and fall out about it 🤣 We shall also remember others by donating some food to food banks and cash to homeless charities.

Cherish the moment, and enjoy the memories.

Happy Snow week everyone




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